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ONE3 Speed

ONE3 Speed Gen2 Mini Button Box

ONE3 Speed Gen2 Mini Button Box

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The ONE3 Speed 12-button Mini Button Box provides racers with a realistic experience with external controls plus programmable pit strategy buttons. Stop fumbling with on-screen pit setups with a mouse and a black box!

This box features a locking Ignition Button and a momentary Start Button. Step up the sim experience with this awesome feature.

This also comes with a red led backlit "meatball" button for Tow/Exit.

These also feature Pit Strategy buttons thoughtfully laid out after testing and consultation with our customers. The mini-box features 2 pit strategies you can define depending on your race. The clear/fix button was moved up ahead of the tire and fuel clusters, followed by the 2 tire strategy buttons and 2 fuel strategy buttons. Of course, Fast Repair toggles are available.

Other updates from prior builds now have the USB cable mounted in the rear to help establish a clean mount without a bulky cord sticking out.

Lastly, these now come with a 75x75mm VESA mount built-in with screws. Now, mount these to any rig with ease or place it on a flat surface right next to your wheel.

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