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ONE3 Speed

ONE3 Speed Gen2 Button Box

ONE3 Speed Gen2 Button Box

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The ONE3 Speed 24-button Large Box provides a wide range of car controls for iRacers of every level. Stop fumbling through black box screens and clicking away while trying to race and get in control!

This box features an automotive-grade locking Ignition Switch and a momentary Starter Switch. Step up the sim experience with this awesome feature. These come without covers, but they can be added during the checkout process.

This also comes with a red LED backlit "meatball" button for the Tow/Exit.

There are now 5 sets of 2 buttons for + and - adjustments to the car from the cockpit. Quickly and easily adjust brake bias, rear wing, springs, tape, traction control - or whatever you'd like to program for the function to suit your needs. Black for positive, red for negative.

We've also modified the Pit Strategy buttons after consultation with our customers. Now, there are 3 pit strategies you can define depending on your race. The clear/fix button was moved up ahead of the tire and fuel clusters, followed by the 2 tire strategy buttons and 3 fuel strategy buttons. Of course, Fast Repair toggles are available.  

Other updates from prior builds now have the USB cables mounted in the rear to help establish a clean mount without bulky cords sticking out.

Lastly, these now come with a 100x100mm VESA mount built-in with screws. Now, mount these to any rig with ease or place it on a flat surface right next to your wheel.

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